LocknLock Smart Dial Collection

The word “when” pops As we open the fridge.

“When did I cook this food?” “When did I get this food delivered?” “When did I put this in the freezer?” “When did I open this food?”

“There’s an expiry date notated” “No way. who wouldn’t know that?”

Possibly Everyone.

In this life of too many works busy days, A bunch of foods in the fridge.

Many people notate the Best-before date In their own terms.

Thus we made LocknLock Smart Dial which will get rid of the hassle.

“Putting dates down…” Means being able to know the date of purchase of ingredients, the date of cook of side dishes. You don’t need to go through ‘checking contents inside’ process. As well as presenting you with convenience, this Dial containers contribute to environment By having you notice the proper date to eat.

Easy to use and convenient!

1. Record the date simply by turn two circles Set the month with inner circle, Set the day with outer circle.

2. It is made of Tritan material and usable in the microwave .
Able to contain hot stuff, Despite of transparent body , it is good for stain
•Usable in the microwave with the Lid (PP)

3. Able to be aware what is in it by a translucent cap. The content in the container is visible because of modern brown colored and translucent cap. The dial was designed as flat so that it is stackable.

4. Apply the anti-bacterial silicon to the lid.
99% anti-bacterial silicon which prevents invisible bacteria from outside.

5. Use it as a tableware. Don’t have to put the food on the plate.  4-sided locking system. It doesn’t have hooks at the sides so that you can use it as a tableware. Storage in the fridge, microwave cooking.

6. Without concerns about hygiene! It is carefully designed to enclose a dial. Usable in the dishwasher. Lessen the concerns about washing and hygiene.

7. Choose the size you want.
Store whatever you want.
The range of size is from 910ml to 4.8L. Diverse sizes that you can contain anything you want.

Lock&Lock Smart Dial
SKU : Total 8 SKU
Volume type : Rectangular - 910ml / 1.1L / 1.5L / 1.9L / 2.1L / 3.5 / 4.8L Square - 1.0L
Material : Body-TritanTM, Lid-Polypropylene(PP)
Color : Brown
Country of origin : Korea

Food container that remembers the date Lock&Lock Smart Dial “Turing the dial and Getting our life fresher”
Convenient Date record system
Semi-transparent cap and transparent body for easy checking contents
Smooth design for using as tableware
Lid design to reduce cleaning and sanitary concerns (Anti-bacterial silicon + the inside lid design surrounding the dial)
Various size type for from side dishes and kimchi
Usable in Microwave/Washing disher/Freezer

Side dish Purchase date record
Baby food Open date record
Expiry date record
Freezing Storage date record
Food ingredient Storage date record
Leftover food Storage date record

Smart Dial (8)

Lock and Lock Smart Dial Container 1.9L LBF427N


Lock and Lock Smart Dial Container 1.1L LBF426N


Lock and Lock Smart Dial Container 1L LBF452N


Lock and Lock Smart Dial Container 4.8L LBF408N


Lock and Lock Smart Dial Container 3.5L LBF407N


Lock and Lock Smart Dial Container 2.1L LBF406N


Lock and Lock Smart Dial Container 1.5L LBF405N


Lock and Lock Smart Dial Container 910ML LBF404N