Lock & Lock Ceramic Marble Coated 30CM Wok with Lid
  • SKU: LCA6306D

Lock & Lock Ceramic Marble Coated 30CM Wok with Lid


What You'll Love:

The Lock & Lock Ceramic Marble Cookware collection is designed for the homechefs who want to an elegant but easy-to-use cookware. 
  • Elegant design that will spice up your kitchen. You'll love the glossy elegant finish of the Ceramic Marble collection. The gray marble stone finish blends will with any background. So even when left at the counter top, this cookware can spice up your kitchen decor! 
  • Eggs & pancakes that glide because of the superior ceramic marble non-stick coating. You'll be making perfect omelette souffles in no time!
  • Cleaning is so easy, just wipe it! Cleaning up after cooking your favorite dish shouldn't be a hassle; with our Ceramic Marble line, there's no need to scrub 'till your arms fall out.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester