Lock and Lock Square Spice Rack 4pc set LLG696
  • SKU: LLG696

Lock and Lock Square Spice Rack 4pc set LLG696


Lock and Lock Square Spice Rack 4pc set LLG696

Material: Spice Bottle - Soda lime Glass

Spice Bottle : Easy to use with the rotational sprinkle hole and carry thanks to the included holder


* Easy to sprinkle and pour the seasoning with its spinning type cap
* High space efficiency with square design
* Convenient to store and carry thanks to spice rack

How to Use:

- Please do not clean it in boiling water and use in direct fire, oven, microwave
- Please be aware, a severe shock could damage the product and there are risk of injury
- Please use mild detergents for washing
- Please do not grip the cap only when moving
- It might be damaged when the glass canisters are nested, so please store containers separately as covered by lid
- Please do not use a harsh brush or abrasive agent, it might damage the products
※ Please do not use it out of purposes

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