Take a Healthy Lunch

On-the Go With

LocknLock Lunch Bags


Designed For Your Lifestyle

This collection comes in three different set options. Each set was carefully designed to make lunching as convenient and as healthy as possible!


Beautifully-Designed for Modern Adults

The striped patterns adorning this collection looks both timeless and modern. Our lunch bag looks beautiful in its simplicity, making it look great even in professional settings such as the office. 


Leak-Proof Containers

No need to worry about spills or messes, or even about your bag smelling like Tuna! LocknLock is leak-proof and odor-proof. All the goodness of your lunch is securely held in your LocknLock container.


Safe Airtight Food Storage

Moms have trusted Locknlock airtight food storage containers for over 30 years. Locknlock is the leading airtight food storage brand in South Korea!



Shop from 3 Different Options

All sets come in a thermal insulated bag that can keep your food warm for hours.

Pick from three colors: Blue, Green, and Gray.

Slim-sized set designed for adults on portion control or in a low-calorie diet. This set is carried like a hand bag.

Set includes:

 1pc x 470ml w/ Divider 

 1pc x 470ml w/o Divider

 1pc x 300ml Water Bottle

Medium-sized set for those who would like bigger portions of their food. This set comes with straps making it more convenient to bring.

Set includes:

 1pc x 800ml w/ Divider 

 1pc x Spoon and Fork Set

 1pc x Shoulder Straps

Large-sized set for adults who have larger appetites. Usually, one container is used to store carbs, and the other is used to store veggies or protein.

Set includes:

 2pcs x 550ml w/o Divider 

 1pc x Spoon and Fork Set

 1pc x 350ml Water Bottle

 1pc Shoulder Straps


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