About us

Lock and Lock has helped make everyday living better for consumers with its wide selection of products for preparing, cooking, serving and storing food and cleaning and organizing homes. With the brand’s commitment to innovation and superior quality, Lock and Lock has helped moms all over the world build smarter, better homes.


Product Innovation

When Lock and Lock introduced its revolutionary four-side interlocking system in 1978, people suddenly had containers that could keep their food fresh longer. With their airtight silicon, these containers were water-proof, leak-proof, and odor-proof, allowing customers to enjoy their food more.


Lock and Lock has come a long way since then. Staying true to its commitment to help people have better lives, the brand has developed new products beyond plastic food containers. It now carries glassware, cookware, and storage containers among many others. Annually, the brand launches over 700 different products. This means that two products are being developed every day! The brand has also created a strong presence in over 110 countries, letting more and more people experiencing the Lock and Lock brand.

Commitment to Quality

Lock and Lock brand is very committed to promoting the welfare of its customers which is why it upholds very stringent safety standards when it comes to its products. Lock and Lock uses environment-friendly materials that will not harm the health of the customers and the environment.


Lock and Lock has been recognized globally as a brand that consistently delivers superior quality products. Lock and Lock has gained ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditations indicating that the brand has met the highest quality manufacturing and environmental systems and procedures. The brand was also awarded 1st prize for Korean Standard-Well-Being Consumer Index for three consecutive years (2005-2007); in 2007, the brand received the Award for Excellent Quality Competitive Enterprise by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.