Sound Lock

Advanced Simple Air-Tight Container

LocknLock Sound Lock

Freshness at a glance! Sealing power secured!

Outstanding Sealing Power

Sound lock keeps the freshness of food longer and better with its outstanding sealing power unlike general simple containers that lack the sealing power.

Clear and Light Body

With clearness of general airtight containers improved, You can see the contents inside at a glance thanks to clearer body. Not only that, It is thinner and lighter, Lifting the burden off of your wrist!

Capacity Measuring Gradation

There is a set of capacity gradation all over the container body, Which is very useful to check the amount of food left in the container.

Excellent in Space Usage, Nestable Structure

It is designed in a nestable structure, Which you can store each container stacked up when not used, Allowing efficient space usage.

Sound Lock (3)

LocknLock Soundlock Rectangular Container 850ml LEP532


LocknLock Soundlock Square Container 560ml LEP231


LocknLock Soundlock Square Container 800ml LEP232