Lock & Lock LLG455 Oven Glass Rectangular Food Keeper 2.0L
  • SKU: LLG455

Lock & Lock LLG455 Oven Glass Rectangular Food Keeper 2.0L

Keep your food fresh in Lock & Lock OvenGlass food keepers. Made of high quality Heat Resistant Glass (also known as Borosilicate), OvenGlass series is very practical and safe for use. Traditional glass products available in the market are usually made of tempered glass which are not as durable, nor as safe as Heat Resistant Glass.
Main features:
  • Eat food directly from oven to table, OvenGlass can adjust to sudden temperature changes unlike tempered glass
  • Safe for heating in an oven, for up to 400ÁC
  • Attractive design that is great for parties and get-togethers

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ABOUT LOCK & LOCK FOOD KEEPERS: Lock & Lock can help you save time, save space and save money! Use Lock & Lock to keep your food fresher for longer. You can also use it to organize your refrigerator. Since it is 100% airtight, your refrigerator will not smell bad if you store your food in Lock & Lock containers.
  • Can be microwaved under low to medium heat.
  • Passed the ISO9001 certification and quality tests done by the FDA.
  • The four-side interlocking system can last for at least 18,000 times!
  • Made of heat resistant glass that is very safe for use in the oven for up to 400ÁC
  • Glass body can be used in temperatures ranging from -20ÁC ~ 400ÁC
  • Very safe glass: when broke, it will not explode into shards that is very dangerous

  • Do not place in direct contact with fire.
  • Remove the lid when heating the product.
  • Use sponge when cleaning the glass. Avoid using scourers and other abrasive cleaning materials to minimize scratchs on the glass.
  • All glasses are fragile, so please handle with care when cleaning.
  • Young children should use the product with adult guidance.
  • After heating in the oven, glass can be hot: please be careful.
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