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Quick & Easy, enjoy your delicious Moments!

Food container for single household

For your busy life, Lock&Lock developed safe heat-resistant glass container suitable for cooking or storing the convenience foods like retort food and cup-noodle. Use only microwave wave to prepare a wonderful meal for yourself!

Storage/Cooking/Plating all together!

Convenience glass container available in a freezer, microwave, and oven by its material, premium heat-resistant glass.
The Sophisticated design is suitable for tableware right after heating in a microwave.

Steam releasing hole on cap for better taste

The Steam releasing hole on the cap keeps food from drying out as well as controls amount of moisture inside to make you enjoy a better taste.

Delicate design adding functionality

Cup container : Unique design to stick chopsticks on the cap and handle frame can be removed and washed.
Pot container : Sophisticated and convenient round handle design suitable for oven and tableware

Multiple sizes and shapes for convenience foods

Cup container(550ml) : The Cup-shaped body with handle → Single portion of 200~400g food with a soup such as mini cup-noodle, cup soup, retort porridge etc.
Pot container(1.1L) : Deep and round container → 500~900g of soup or stew
Flat container(650ml or 900ml) : Flat and wide container → 300~500g or 500~700g of various foods like frozen fried rice, pasta and frozen dumplings.

Why LOCK&LOCK oven glass
with heat resistant glass is great!

  • 1. It is safe.
    Material is what makes products different. LOCK&LOCK uses heat resistant glass that does not have a risk of breaking itself or spreading fragments even if it means bearing a greater cost.
  • 2. It is light.
    Heat resistant glass is more than 10% lighter than tempered glass, Lifting a great weight off of users’ wrists.
  • 3. It is clear.
    LOCK&LOCK oven glass is less likely to be become murky. It always stays as clear and pure as new one.
  • 4. It heats up less.
    With its low permittivity, It makes food warmer while the container itself gets less heated when used in the microwave.
  • 5. It is heat resistant.
    As LOCK&LOCK oven glass is made of borosilicate glass that has a strong heat resistance, It can strongly withstand the heat and rapid temperature change. Therefore, You can use it not only in the microwave but also in the oven.

Glassware (48)

Lock & Lock LLG424 Ovenglass Clear Rectangular 430ML


Lock & Lock LLG226 Ovenglass Clear Square 930ML


Lock & Lock LLG414 Boroseal Heat Resistant Glass Rectangular 160ML


Lock & Lock LLG205 Boroseal Heat Resistant Glass Square 300ML


Lock & Lock LLG224 Boroseal Heat Resistant Glass Square 750ML


Lock & Lock LLG455 Oven Glass Rectangular Food Keeper 2.0L


Lock & Lock LLG464 Oven Glass Rectangular Food Keeper 4.2L


Lock & Lock LLG426 Oven Glass Rectangular Food Keeper 530mL


Lock & Lock LLG831 Oven Glass Round Food Keeper 650mL