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LocknLock Fridge Jug 2.6L HAP739SR
LocknLock Fridge Jug 2.6L HAP739SR
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LocknLock Fridge Jug 2.6L HAP739SR

Water Jug(Simple Style) 2.6LHAP739 / 2.6L

Explanation - Large capacity water bottle with simple design
- Wide mouth makes it easy to clean and hygienic to use
- Fluted handle makes it easy to use
Size 140×104×276mm
Material Body-PET/Lid-Polypropylene(PP)

Bottle - PET:
Cold: -20 Degrees Celsius
Hot: 50 Degrees Celsius

Top Cover - PP (Polypropylene):
Cold: -20 Degrees Celsius
Hot: 100 Degrees Celsius

1. This is not a 100% leak-proof container and is generally used in a standing position at your fridge door.
2. No silicone rubber on the cover lid
3. Do not use it to store boiling water and carbonated drinks.
4. Do not sanitize with hot or boiling water

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