LocknLock Bisfree Modular Square Food Container 260ML LBF450
LocknLock Bisfree Modular Square Food Container 260ML LBF450
  • SKU: LBF450

LocknLock Bisfree Modular Square Food Container 260ML LBF450


What You'll Love:

When you open your fridge - what do you see? And more importantly, what do you feel? For many, what they see is chaos - a battlefield of half-opened packages, leftovers stacked on top of each other, and bottles that sometimes fall out. It gets frustrating, especially when you're rushing to make lunch, and you just can't seem to find that one ingredient you know you've just put in the fridge.

You crave that little joy of being greeted by a neat & tidy refrigerator that makes your heart jump a little.

LocknLock BisFree Modular may just be for you. Let me show you why.


LocknLock BisFree Modular Food Keeper is ultra-clear and will instantly make your fridge look so tidy.
LocknLock BisFree Modular looks very clear, almost like it's made of glass.

Product Information


Body - Tritan (BPA Free)

Lid - Polypropylene (PP)

Product Code
Dimension 100 x 100 x 64mm
Country of Origin South Korea
Other Details
Microwave, Freezer, Dishwasher safe



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