Shower Mom with Love This Mother's Day

Shower Mom with Love This Mother's Day

 April is over-- do you know what that means? It means Mother’s Day is just around the corner! For some, the holiday can be a little intimidating. It is indeed the perfect opportunity to celebrate our supermoms and show them how grateful we are for all their love and sacrifice, but what exactly do you give someone who’s given you, well, everything?


If you’re still wondering about how you can celebrate your mom, don’t fret. Here’s a tip for this coming Mother’s Day: give your mom something according to her love language. Uncertain about what the different love languages are? Keep reading to find out!


What are love languages?

Back in 1992, Gary Chapman, a renowned author and talk show host, wrote a book about how each person expresses and wishes to experience love. In the book, Chapman theorized that there are five different love languages in which people give and receive love: quality time, physical touch, acts of service, words of affirmation, and gift-giving.

These love languages can co-exist in varying degrees, and understanding them is key to building up your relationships. According to Chapman’s theory, each person has a different love language, and the languages in which they wish to receive and express love may be different.


The 5 love languages as Mother’s Day gifts

While the thoughts behind a gesture certainly do count for something, wouldn’t it be much better to show love to someone in a way that they understand? Here are some of the gifts you can give your mom this Mother’s Day based on the different love languages!


Quality Time

For some, there is no greater gift than the gift of time. If your mom’s love language is quality time, all she would really want to do on Mother’s Day is spend time with you. Here are two activities you can do for your quality time-loving mom!


Set up a dinner date with mom

Although you can’t exactly go out to restaurants nowadays, you can still create a lovely dinner date for your mom. Take out your finest silverware, light up some candles, and prepare a menu of delicious food to prepare a dinner date with your mom at home. If you and your mom are fans of samgyupsal, you can even set up a samgyupsal night with this LocknLock Electric Griller. It’s perfect for a dinner date with your mom, and it’s incredibly easy to clean, too. Your mom will appreciate all of the efforts you put into your dinner date, and she’ll enjoy chatting, eating, and laughing the night away with you!

LocknLock Electric Griller


Take a class with mom

Spend quality time with your mom by taking a class with her. It could be about anything from dance, pottery, soap-making, or painting-- what matters most is that you’re doing it together. By taking a class with your mom, you not only develop new hobbies and passions, but you also get to build your bond together. The best part? You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home. You can find many classes readily available online, and you can even opt to book private lessons if you want a more focused session.


Physical Touch

Those whose love language is physical touch show their affection by giving hugs and kisses to the ones they love, and they love receiving affectionate gestures in return! This Mother’s Day, give your mom a hug and a kiss to show her how much you appreciate her. Add in these gifts, too, to further show your appreciation!


Give mom coupons for free massages

Little else feels better than a good massage, and your mom would certainly love a relaxation session. Give your mom a book of coupons that entitle her to a massage. You can either give her the massage yourself, or you can also schedule her an appointment at a good massage parlor. Either way, your mom will enjoy it and feel refreshed right after.


Get mom a weighted blanket

Weighted blankets mimic the feeling of a real hug, which makes them a perfect gift for those whose love language is physical touch. They are also great for calming down a restless body, reducing anxious feelings, and relieving stress. With that being said, your mom is sure to love a weighted blanket that she can use during her beauty sleep.


Acts of Service

If your mom’s love language is acts of service, she will value your effort to do things for her above all. They do not even need to be big, grand gestures. Simple things like accomplishing household chores already speak volumes. Here are a few other ideas of what you can do for your mom on Mother’s Day.


Cook for mom

This Mother’s Day, it’s your turn to do the cooking. Prepare a feast for the queen of the house by cooking all of her favorite dishes. LocknLock’s Hard & Light Frying Pan is great for preparing a multitude of meals. It’s also non-stick, extra durable, and extremely lightweight, which will help make cooking a breeze. If your mom loves to cook, you can also get her her own Hard & Light Frying Pan, which she will surely enjoy using on a regular basis.


LocknLock Hard & Light

Clean the house

Go the extra mile for your mom by cleaning your house. You can sweep your rooms, mop the floors, and even organize the kitchen! This 10-piece set of Interlock Kitchen Canisters by Lock n’ Lock can help you organize your ingredients and tools, and your mom’s definitely going to love how they keep food fresh and fit for consumption!


Giving Gifts

Contrary to common belief, the value of a gift isn’t in its price tag. Those who have gift-giving as their love language would much rather receive something that’s thoughtful and heartfelt. Here are a few simple but meaningful gift suggestions for your mom this Mother’s Day!


Create a care package for mom

Care packages are boxes or bags that contain a little bit of everything that the receiver likes. What are your mom’s favorite snacks, pastimes, and hobbies? You can put something inspired by each in your care package for her. For example, if your mom loves snacking on potato chips, you can put in a couple of small bags of her favorite brand in the care package. You can even add in little notes of encouragement and pieces of her favorite candy for the days that she needs a pick-me-up!


Give her a gift for each of the five senses

Take things up a notch by giving your mom a gift that stimulates each of the five senses-- one gift for each sense. This is perfect for someone who enjoys being given gifts because it is not only incredibly thoughtful. It also takes the receiver on a journey of the senses.


Words of Affirmation

Everyone loves to hear that they are loved and appreciated, and for people whose love language is words of affirmation, this is especially important. Whether written or spoken, words have the power to uplift, inspire, and empower people. Show your mom you love her by showering her with words of love and encouragement with these gift ideas.


Give her a personalized, engraved tumbler

Give your mom something she can take with her on the go! A tumbler is a great commuting companion, and it reminds your mom to stay hydrated throughout the day. Give it a little something extra by engraving a sweet message on it that your mom can always look at and remember how much you love her.

This lightweight LocknLock Feather Light Tumbler can be personalized however way you like. It is incredibly easy to carry, and your mom can take it with her when she runs errands. It also has double-walled insulation, so your mom can use it to store her morning coffee and have it stay warmer for longer. If you’re looking for something with a bigger storage capacity, the LocknLock Metro Tumbler may be the right fit for you. It’s great for keeping drinks cold or hot, and it is equipped with a handy carrying strap for extra convenience.


Write her a love letter

If your mom is someone who loves feeling validated through words, letters of encouragement are sure to do the trick. Express your love for your mom through a sweet, heartfelt letter. You can even write her a poem, or write her a short story. Get her other loved ones in on it, and ask them to write a letter to her, too. A compilation of letters from the people your mom loves may just be the sweetest gift she’ll ever receive.


Remember, every day is an opportunity to show your mom how much you love and appreciate her. This Mother’s Day, make her feel extra special by giving her something according to her love language and letting her know you care about her. LocknLock has a wide selection of gifts you can give according to your mom’s love language that she will surely enjoy and treasure. Check out LocknLock’s collections here!




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